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OftR: Selamat Hari Malaysia…… Bang…..Bang

Shot taken slight over a year ago, during the dress rehearsal for the Malaysia Day Parade.


Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fest 2012

I guess the first question that may go thru your mind after scrolling down this posting very very fast…… “What the H@$! is this guy thinking, taking BnW photos in such a colourful place?”

and maybe the second question……. “Where are the balloons floating gracefully up in the sky?”

Well guys……. to answer these two questions…… I do have some shots in colour and hopefully some with balloons floating up in heaven…… the only thing, I still got one shot left in the camera and don’t know when I will send them to the lab, when it gets finished…….. Anyway, before that actually happens, enjoy my crappy shots……..




Sorry guys, lots of dust in this……… too lazy to do a re-scan




Walls VI: KUL Sign Fest 2012, Part III

Walls from the Pasar Seni LRT Station side of the riverbank

what do you think






Due to the rain during the event, there were a few incomplete works, hopefully they continue to finish it…….

Could there be more? maybe, but not so soon……….

Walls V: KUL Sign Fest 2012, Part II

Continuation of the walls of KUL Sign Fest 2012………… on the banks around Pasar Seni and Dayabumi Complex, Kuala Lumpur

Fujifilm Neopan, developed in Ilford DDX 1+4, 5 min, 20C






As there are a few more exposures to be scanned….. I’ll continue them in Part III


POSHE or Positive Shelter Homes, is a shelter home for kids with HIV Positive run by a lovely lady Wan Hava or better known to some of us as Mak Wan.

At first I was thinking of putting up a set of photographs but as some of them are still school going kids, and with the widely negative perception about HIV positive, I decided to just put one up.


Siti, the little girl of the home, was left behind by her parent when she was a baby, as she was HIV positive, she was taken by Mak Wan when she was 8 months old to be loved. She has Cerebral Palsy.

If you are interested in giving them a helping hand you can contact Mak Wan at:

Positive Shelter

No.2 Jln Budiman 14, Taman Mulia, Bandar Tun Abdul Razak, 56000 Kuala Lumpur

tel: 016 627 1883


or you can check their facebook or website at or

Mini Project: 64 Squares II

Still an on-going project………

The usual suspect is always around…….

Sometimes it does get a bit crowded……..

harrow….. what are you doing?

This guy was actually doing an aluminum chain using the tab of drinking cans…. he was actually aiming for 3000m. And he was kind of the unofficial “village head” and was the “sleeping guy” here. Why do I write in past tense….. well, I didn’t see him around the past few times I went pass by the place……. I think it is about time I make another visit, it has been a while.

No chess board no problem…….


to be continued again……..

you can also check part I, here.

Thaipusam 2012, part II

con’t from part I.

The morning has arrived…… the crowd wasn’t getting any smaller…..

Offering milk.

The carrying of the Kavadi is not restricted to adults……. you can see during the festival, young and old, male or female performing their rites.

This guy created a bit of a stir when he was having something alcoholic from the emerald isle…….. I did ask one of my friend, he is not so sure, but it may be permissible……

If you notice, there are a number of people accompanying the person who is doing the rites……. from my observation, it is not easy, I saw some of them struggling, but with the support they continued……

this is not Jack, off to sell the bull at the market……..

I still have a few more photos and 1 undeveloped roll…… maybe there will be a third installment in the future……..