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Pasar Bisik

Suddenly my scanner decided to operate so managed to scan some before it decided to fail me again

Pasar Bisk…… in malay or Whisper(ing) Market in English, are two fish markets on the banks of the Muda river on the border of Penang and Kedah. The one in Penang is reachable by public transport, as I saw a Rapid Penang bus plying the route, #603 if I am not mistaken, while the one in Kedah you do require your own transport as it is just a small fishing village.

IMG_0026This is how it works…….


1. The fishermen arrives on the riverbanks, either one of them or a friend on shore will bring the catch to the “market” and lay the catch on the floor.

2. The bidding starts with interested parties whispering the offered price to the fisherman/friend. Nobody actually knows what the others is bidding.

3. The fisherman decides who wins and transaction is done…… if he is not happy he may take the catch back to the boat and go to the other side of the river….. and if their collection is not enough, they may go back to sea.


As you can see, the catch sold is by the basket, if you feel it is too much, you may approach the fishermen directly with a plastic bag. I bought  a bag full which cost me RM8.00 or about USD2.60, and got about 5-6 kilogram of mackerel, which will usually get me a kilogram at the supermarket that we usually go.

And did I say, there is another one right across the river?………. let’s see if my scanner will give another good night tomorrow.


Veggies of Basket…….


When a basket is full of vegetables, we say a basket of vegetables…….. so what do you call the opposite…….

sorry for the ‘corny’ title.

A kilo of Frogs……… please


Didn’t actually asked how much is it going for a kilogram, but the old man will knock the frogs and clean them up for you………… Pasar Pudu

This is how you do it………

It has been a while since I posted anything (the excuse sound very familiar……). Anyway this is one taken way back in December 2012, and has been hanging for the past 1 1/2 months……….


Chow Kit: Medicine Man II

I may sound like a sales man…….. but if you are either diabetic, with high blood pressure, Gout, bad back or what ever problem with your body, you can try this guy’s ‘magic potion’. His potion is made from herbs and roots, where you have to boil it and drink them…… and yes, it is bitter.

If you are lucky you can find him in front of  Hotel Brisdale on Jalan Hj Hussein, just off the Chow Kit wet market.


btw, his name is Iswandi………

Chow Kit: ‘Precious’ Stone Seller

Taking a break from my Thaipusam shots…….. (there are still a few unscanned and undeveloped rolls)

This was taken just outside Chow Kit wet market.


OftR: Mudskipper Oil

Saw this old couple selling mudskipper oil at the Chow Kit wet market…… it is said this oil is able to enhance a man’s pride……. I guess you have to find him, and maybe buy a small bottle and report back here on the outcome…… oh, btw, if you do not know what is a mudskipper…. it is the type of fish that jumps happily on the muddy “beaches”. IMG_0001