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Amulet Market, Rattanakosin, Krungthep Mahanakorn

Located along the whole stretch of Thanon Maharat in Rattanakosin area, it is literally across the road from the Grand Palace if you are heading towards the Chao Phraya.

btw, if you are going to the Grand Palace, and somebody do stop you and tell you the palace is closed, PLEASE go in and check it yourself, don’t want you to visit the big Buddha and after that spend lavishly on something worthless……

back to the Amulet Market……. roughly their ‘we are open’ hours are between 0800 to 1800, other that how to get there by walking from the Grand Palace, like what I stated above, you can use the Chao Phraya Express Boat (Orange or No Flag) and jump off at Tha Tien (N8) or Tha Chang (N9).

Enough of my lousy writing…….


Holding a very big umbrella


 Well it’s not amulets, but you do need a hat………….

Are you buying or not?

Lastly, if you feel the alignment of this post is off……. I guess it decided to work in it’s own mysterious ways……


OftR: Off the hip……

……. or was it off the chest……..

OftR: Mystery of the Floating Boxes

It will remain a mystery……….. how the boxes in Pak Klong Talaad seems to float. 🙂

OftR: On the Wall

Shot taken from the last roll of my trip to Bangkok in July 2012……..

A graffiti on the wall of BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre). Located at the Pathumwan intersection right across MBK, you should maybe drop by when you are in the city. Nearest BTS station is National Stadium. You can check them out……. here

OftR: Poultry Slaughter House

Shot this in Klong Toei Market………

OftR: Apron

Another one from Klong Toei Market……..

Do you want to buy an apron?

Klong Toei Market

Klong Toei…. Klong Toey (but the pronounciation is closer to Klong Ter)….. market can be considered the largest wet market in Bangkok. Not exactly a tourist attraction, didn’t see any tourist whenever I was there except for a cross dressing model back in 2010.

Porters waiting for customers…….

To get there, take the MRT, you can either get off at Klong Toei, walk east on Th Rama IV, or at the Queen Sirikit Convention station, walk south on Th Ratchadapisek (btw, this is the closer option)…….. you should be able to see the tip of the market at the two road’s intersection…… go up the stairs to the round-about overhead bridge, walk accordingly and you shall reach there.

rice shop on the outskirt of the wet market

I can verify….. the item he is carrying is non-halal or non-kosher.


I guess, everybody really go there for their grocery

It’s also a “drive-thru” market……

I may add a few more photographs later in my OftR series…….