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This must really be your lucky night, another blue moon moment, as I am too lazy to cut the films that have been hanging in the bath the past few days.

From wikipedia…….Cendol /ˈtʃɛndɒl/ is a traditional dessert originating from Southeast Asia which is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar (where it is known as mont let saung), Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Not actually showing the dessert, but the shop that I try not to miss whenever we go back to my better half’s hometown……


btw, the guy is bringing another bowl for me……..

I think two blue moons is more than enough, I’ll be reverting back to black and white in the next post…….


Is it a blue moon out there?

Must be one of my blue moon moment……….. I am posting something in colour.

Well, actually I finally send my colour films to be developed after just leaving them on my computer table…… It goes back all the way to March of last year, or maybe earlier.

19I know for sure this is from the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fest……. last year’s.

13AI haven’t been checking the Klang River Graffitti wall since my office moved outside of Kuala Lumpur…….. but I think Mr Clown is now gone.

Before the Parade II


National Day Parade

31 08 2013

M6 : 21mm : EK5222

Tanah Air

Tanah Air a malay word (or make it two words) meaning homeland/fatherland/motherland, was a month long event by Petronas to celebrate the National Day and Malaysia Day…….. it is the title of the poem by Usman Awang in which the event was based on

These shots were taken on the eve of Malaysia Day which falls on 16 September 2013……. you can catch the flash mob video of the event here or the music video here. And by the way you can catch a glimpse of my camera for a few seconds among the flash mob…… 0:48….






The poem in Malay is as below, can’t find a suitable English translation yet (don’t try google translate, it just mess up the meaning)

Engkau, Tanah Air, pemilik perut yang berbudi,

Penampung hujan, penyedut sinar matari,

Lahirlah anak-anakmu dari semaian-semaian petani.

Engkau, ibu murni, dengan jasa abadi,

Berdetik di denyut nafas kami,

Kerana kita adalah satu dan sama dipunyai.

Telah kau rasa segala seperti kamu,

Dalam kengerian perang dadamu dibongkar besi,

Di mana-mana wajahmu tidak pernah mati.

Tapi begitu sejarah hidup zaman-berzaman,

Yang pernah merangkul pahlawan kemerdekaan,

Mereka sujud dalam kaku memohon perlindungan.

Bukankah dengan kasih dan harapan,

Kau tenggelamkan mereka dalam dakapan,

Di mana bunga ganti nisan bertaburan?

Negara baru di atas rongga jantungmu,

Akan tegak bertapak dalam kebebasan,

Cinta antara kita wahyu dari Tuhan……..


Three Kids


National Day 31 08 2013
Dataran Merdeka

M6 : 21mm : EK5222

Before the Parade


National Day Parade

31 08 2013

M6 : 21mm : EK5222@800


I rarely or don’t usually put any photos of my little girl on the net…….. here is one that I actually love taken at the Auckland Domain, and making it almost like a one-off.