I don’t do weddings……….

Why I don’t do weddings……. in no particular order, that one I’ll leave to your imagination. You can always add up in the comment section if you feel it was not listed intentionally


1. I am just pure plain lazy……. I can’t keep to datelines. Thank god my friend in the photo didn’t employ me…… if not he will still be waiting for his wedding picture, 2 years and counting and that takes me to point #2

2. I take crappy photographs……. look at all my posting. What I see is what you get….. I’ll rarely crop or enhance what I take. Again, please see the sample photo above….. the motorbike should be there, shouldn’t it?

3. I’ll rather sit down and eat…… rather than trying to get the next best shot. Why waste good food…….

4. Well, I don’t have the latest and nice gears to show or shout….. I’m a wedding photographer.


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