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I don’t do weddings……….

Why I don’t do weddings……. in no particular order, that one I’ll leave to your imagination. You can always add up in the comment section if you feel it was not listed intentionally


1. I am just pure plain lazy……. I can’t keep to datelines. Thank god my friend in the photo didn’t employ me…… if not he will still be waiting for his wedding picture, 2 years and counting and that takes me to point #2

2. I take crappy photographs……. look at all my posting. What I see is what you get….. I’ll rarely crop or enhance what I take. Again, please see the sample photo above….. the motorbike should be there, shouldn’t it?

3. I’ll rather sit down and eat…… rather than trying to get the next best shot. Why waste good food…….

4. Well, I don’t have the latest and nice gears to show or shout….. I’m a wedding photographer.


Thaipusam 2013: Shaving…….

The shaving of head during Thaipusam is a ritual that is considered will purify them and as the heads are shaved, all things bad are also removed along with their hair and they become pure….. please correct me if I am wrong





Thaipusam 2013: Into the Light

I still have a few rolls hanging on the wire of the festival…. and yes this photo was a bit blown


Chow Kit: Medicine Man II

I may sound like a sales man…….. but if you are either diabetic, with high blood pressure, Gout, bad back or what ever problem with your body, you can try this guy’s ‘magic potion’. His potion is made from herbs and roots, where you have to boil it and drink them…… and yes, it is bitter.

If you are lucky you can find him in front of  Hotel Brisdale on Jalan Hj Hussein, just off the Chow Kit wet market.


btw, his name is Iswandi………

Thaipusam 2013: Bringing Offerings to the Gods…….

Most devotees, young and old, vow to carry milk (paal) in a container and the milk is used for abhisegam or bathing the deity, if their wish materialised.


Thaipusam 2013: War Dance

With all the drum beating and music in the air, the person performing the ritual could go into a trance and start dancing….. this was one.


64 squares revisit……..

It has been a while since I made a stop to this bunch of guys who play chess by the road side in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur……