Monthly Archives: January 2013

Boat Ride

Shot taken on an island not far from My Tho, Vietnam way back in December 2011



I really need to develop the films on my table………..


PRU13? where art thou

As always, found something while browsing my scanned files.


This was taken last year, most probably the first half of the year. The paper was predicting the PRU13,Malaysia’s Pilihan Raya Umum ke 13 or 13th General Election to fall sometime in June of last year…….. well it has been more than six month, and is yet to happen, but the current ruling party only has up till 21st March until the states legislature starts to dissolve and soon after the Parliament.

OftR: An old shot for a (not so) new year

Haven’t been doing anything much lately……. really need to catch up on the developing (as usual), I have 8 rolls on the table currently that need to be processed.

Well……. found this strip of film lying under a box just now…… as I haven’t shared anything yet this year, I’ve decided to scan and check what do I have on it……… I believe I shot this way back in late 2010 or early 2011….. as it was taken along the way to a photo lab that I used before I decided to do my own film development.


It is somewhere near petaling street in Kuala Lumpur and the stall makes fresh ‘kueh kapit’ or love letters…….. btw, It really show I do take crappy shots….. and am lousy at scanning and digital photo processing.