OftR: Trishaw Man

Trishaw or Beca/Becha in malay use to a regular mode of transport when I was small back in the 70’s in Malaysia.

I use to ride with either my mother or grandmother when ever I followed them to the market in Batu Pahat or Pontian in the state of Johor, Malaysia then. Now, I don’t actually see anymore of them in Pontian or maybe a handful in Batu Pahat.

In the major tourist area, Malacca or Penang and also Singapore…… they are now a tourist attraction rather than serving the locals.

btw, one of my mates updated some information on this trishaw man…..

“Pakcik ni kayuh beca since aku sekolah rendah lagi (translation: This man has been peddling the trishaw since I was in primary/elementary school)….and yes some of the people he ferried around are now successful doctors, businessmen, & engineers. Thank you for the photo which tells that he is still doing his noble job. “Pakcik Koboi” (as we used to call him),”


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