Klong Toei Market

Klong Toei…. Klong Toey (but the pronounciation is closer to Klong Ter)….. market can be considered the largest wet market in Bangkok. Not exactly a tourist attraction, didn’t see any tourist whenever I was there except for a cross dressing model back in 2010.

Porters waiting for customers…….

To get there, take the MRT, you can either get off at Klong Toei, walk east on Th Rama IV, or at the Queen Sirikit Convention station, walk south on Th Ratchadapisek (btw, this is the closer option)…….. you should be able to see the tip of the market at the two road’s intersection…… go up the stairs to the round-about overhead bridge, walk accordingly and you shall reach there.

rice shop on the outskirt of the wet market

I can verify….. the item he is carrying is non-halal or non-kosher.


I guess, everybody really go there for their grocery

It’s also a “drive-thru” market……

I may add a few more photographs later in my OftR series…….


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