Baan Baht

Baan Baht…. Baan Bat or also known as Monk Bowl Village in English, located not too far from The Golden Mount or Wat Saket. Established during the reign of King Rama I, the village is situated in a block surrounded by Thanon Bamrung Muang, Thanon Worachak, Thanon Luang and Thanon Boriphat, it is the last community in Bangkok that still produces the Monk Bowl by hand.

Arriving on location, looking for it is almost like finding a needle in a haystack, you need to actually use your ears to find it as you approach the place. The sound of metal being pounded by hammers do kind of help in getting there…… so keep your ears open when you go searching for it.

Notes are written on the wall

Most visitors will usually stop at the edge of the community as there is kind of an information shack, take some photographs, buy a bowl or two and without exploring the alleys and backlanes. My advise is…… Explore and you will be rewarded.

The walls have eyes……….

The production of the bowls are done cooperatively, all of those involved plays their part around the community, along the tight lanes, the living rooms and kitchen. To support and ensure this trade lives on, sad to say they also mass produce cheap bowls for the monks to purchase.



2 responses to “Baan Baht

  1. Excellent photos and story bro. Cant help but noticing the glow of these shots. Well done.

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