Walls IV: KUL Sign Fest 2012, Part I

I actually missed the weekend the festival was held, as I had to join an organised community service with a few of my mates.

Went the next weekend and had a one hour walk around the banks of the Klang River…… and as usual, I will leave the roll on the table for a few weeks before finally developing it.

I’ve decided not to name any of the work of art except for the first one this time.

She may love color….. but I prefer black and white. This graffiti is part of the KUL Sign Fest 2010 that was retained as part of the Wall of Honour……

I Love Color






All photographs were taken using ORWO N74 film @ ASA800 w a 35mm lens. Developed using Ilford DDX 1+4, 11 minutes @ 21C.

Next….. the one using a Fujifilm Neopan and a 21mm lens.


2 responses to “Walls IV: KUL Sign Fest 2012, Part I

  1. hello, nice shots. hey… i’m working on developing a b&w foto film zine .. focusing on the M’sia under addressed type of scene… among other things. i can explain more… if you have any interest, please let me know. great shots. cheers.

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