Thaipusam 2012, part II

con’t from part I.

The morning has arrived…… the crowd wasn’t getting any smaller…..

Offering milk.

The carrying of the Kavadi is not restricted to adults……. you can see during the festival, young and old, male or female performing their rites.

This guy created a bit of a stir when he was having something alcoholic from the emerald isle…….. I did ask one of my friend, he is not so sure, but it may be permissible……

If you notice, there are a number of people accompanying the person who is doing the rites……. from my observation, it is not easy, I saw some of them struggling, but with the support they continued……

this is not Jack, off to sell the bull at the market……..

I still have a few more photos and 1 undeveloped roll…… maybe there will be a third installment in the future……..


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