Sorry to dissapoint anyone, if you are expecting me doing the running……..

The only time you will see me running is either I’m being chased by

  • an angry mob ( and this includes, crazy old lady pissed off because her photo was taken)
  • a rabid dog or any other animals that has foams coming out of its mouth

Anyway back to the ‘posting’ …….. the photos where taken during the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon in June 2011.

and they are off……..

Started walking at the starting line……. that is not a good start.


the start of the end

the end (for the guy)

got a bit of flak from my sister for not helping…….. well, I’ve got a lot of things on my hand at that moment, and the opportunity was slipping thru the fingers if I didn’t snap

let’s continue……

This guy seems to enjoy his run, brought along a camera and asked one of the cheerleader to snap his photos…….

This homeless guy must be enjoying all these crazy people running, early in the morning, after being disturbed from his rest.


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