Saigon: In Motion

There are a lot of motorcycles in Saigon, something like a swarm of bees, and it is a challenge to actually cross a busy street or road. The trick when crossing, is to cross with confidence, can’t actually explain it but you won’t get hit…….. the first few times was a nightmare, but after seeing how the locals cross, it was smooth sailing after that…… other than motorcycles on the pavement.

In this post, there will be at least two motorcycles involved in each shot……


Whoah….. what was that

Excuse me, you are suppose to stop on red….. and there’s an idiot taking a photo of us in the middle of the road

between the two wheelers…..

photo shoot…… say cheese

Balloon seller under the tree

there’s at least nine motorcycles in the photo…… none is in motion


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