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Chow Kit Wet Market I

Along the narrow lanes of Chow Kit Wet Market……. sorry if you may find the following photographs offensive.




beef again



Walls III

Read in the newspaper yesterday, 18 February 2012……. they are going to hold another KUL Sign Festival, which means there will be a new set of graffiti on the banks of the river Klang.

The event will be on 25-26 February 2012…….

All the following graffiti are located on where the event is going to be held……

In 3D

the beast and beauty?



Mr Cool Cat

You can check my previous posting on Walls here and here.

Note: As of just February 20, all the graffiti on the bank of the Klang River are all gone…… next week after the KUL Sign Festival 2012, a new set will emerge.

Walls II

A few more photographs from my Walls collection…….

Ubat Kuat Lelaki…… “Strong Male” Medicine (if you do a direct translation).

E.T. was here


somebody lives here

Click here if you missed part I

to be continued………

Happy Valentine’s Day

I don’t actually celebrate this event….. but would like to wish to those who celebrate them…..

Shoulder to Lean On

M6, HP5+, ASA 800, Hong Kong 2010

Thaipusam 2012, part II

con’t from part I.

The morning has arrived…… the crowd wasn’t getting any smaller…..

Offering milk.

The carrying of the Kavadi is not restricted to adults……. you can see during the festival, young and old, male or female performing their rites.

This guy created a bit of a stir when he was having something alcoholic from the emerald isle…….. I did ask one of my friend, he is not so sure, but it may be permissible……

If you notice, there are a number of people accompanying the person who is doing the rites……. from my observation, it is not easy, I saw some of them struggling, but with the support they continued……

this is not Jack, off to sell the bull at the market……..

I still have a few more photos and 1 undeveloped roll…… maybe there will be a third installment in the future……..

Thaipusam 2012, part I

Thaipusam is a Hindu festival celebrated mostly by the Tamil community on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai (January/February). The word Thaipusam is derived from the month name Thai and Pusam, which refers to a star that is at its highest point during the festival.

In Malaysia, it is celebrated nationwide, and the more famous locations are in Batu Caves, in the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur and next will most probably be Penang,

In Batu Caves, the kavadi and milk bearers will start off from the riverbanks of Sg. Batu outside the temple grounds and make their way to and up the 272 steps to present their offerings to Lord Murugan.

Priests attend to the kavadi bearers after the offerings. Consecrated ash is sprinkled over the hooks and skewers piercing the devotees flesh before they are removed. No blood is shed during the piercing and removal.

capturing the moments with a mobile phone or iPad camera seems to be the “in-thing”…….


starting the walk

At night, some of the Kavadis are lighted up……. with power generators attached



walk with pride

continued to part II……. HERE


Sorry to dissapoint anyone, if you are expecting me doing the running……..

The only time you will see me running is either I’m being chased by

  • an angry mob ( and this includes, crazy old lady pissed off because her photo was taken)
  • a rabid dog or any other animals that has foams coming out of its mouth

Anyway back to the ‘posting’ …….. the photos where taken during the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon in June 2011.

and they are off……..

Started walking at the starting line……. that is not a good start.


the start of the end

the end (for the guy)

got a bit of flak from my sister for not helping…….. well, I’ve got a lot of things on my hand at that moment, and the opportunity was slipping thru the fingers if I didn’t snap

let’s continue……

This guy seems to enjoy his run, brought along a camera and asked one of the cheerleader to snap his photos…….

This homeless guy must be enjoying all these crazy people running, early in the morning, after being disturbed from his rest.