Maowa is small village by the banks of River Padma, which started off as the Ganges in India. Located in Munshiganj Thana, it is approximately 44 kilometres to the west of Dhaka.

As the road network in Bangladesh is still not well developed, Maowa is the ferry point to get across the wide and open river. The significance of this ferry point is that it decreases the travelling distance with the southern region of the country. It is said that it takes only 5-5.5 hours to reach Khulna if you travel through Maowa whereas the other routes more or less double the travelling time.

The Ferry Terminal, none of those state of the art technology. You pay for your ticket at a chicken coop and then jump into the awaiting ferry.

The convenience store….. buy somethings for your relatives and loved ones back home here. Sorry, no duty free shops available.

Dine at the best restaurant in the area…….. at your own risk.

You can also opt to travel in luxury on the river limousine, but don’t trust the captain when he says the boat is equipped with life jackets. I am still waiting for him to show them.

The colour photograph is from my Canon G9, the only digital camera that I bring along now whenever I go out shooting.

Travel on the best ferry money can buy, and enjoy the 360 view on its viewing deck.


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