Between Kamalapur and Tongi

Bangladesh Rail must be the most unreliable train service that I have ever rode. I managed to ride them from Dhaka’s central station in Kamalapur to a small town in the out skirt of Dhaka, Tongi.

Tongi is where the Biswa Ijtema is held, where an estimated five million people from the Tabligh movement congregate annually around January.

Coming back to the most unreliable train service. It seems that nobody knows when will the train depart….. the information desk, the ticket counter and even the locomotive driver (and that was after a delay of half an hour). And btw, make sure you asked for your ticket at the counter if the person manning it suddenly has a memory lapse and doesn’t give you one. And if you want to ride for free, you can have the best view, either on the locomotive or on the roof of the carriages.

Two camera were used a R4A and M6, two film; Neopan 1600 and HP5+ and two lens; a 21mm and 35mm.

boys of Kamalapur


Man and Lady



welcome to Tongi



boys of Tongi


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